Terms and Condition

1)    We are an equal opportunity cmpany. We do not discriminate any  relations based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, marital status, disability etc,

2)    We do not tolerate discrimination as described above by any of our associates towards other associates. If found guilty of such behavior those associates will be terminated and their pay will be held permanently.

3)    In the course of Business if any associate is found indulging in malpractices, sexual exploitation or collection of any bribe or money from others, the ZBA of that Zone shall take appropriate action by informing concerned authorities including the police and terminate those associates immediately. Such associates will not be paid their earnings.

4)  Our Data Analysts & call centre will be monitoring the progress of each PPBA and will be regularly contacting them and taking their feedback. On this occasion if any associate is found taking money, harassing or having undue advantage over PPBA, strict action will be taken on those associates and their service will be terminated immediately.

5) The Company reserves the right to interpret, modify, terminate or revise this policy, in whole or in part, without notice. No provision in this policy is to be construed as an employment contract nor does it alter an employee’s at-will status. Similarly, statements within this policy regarding behavior that may result in termination do not limit, in any way, the rights of the Company to terminate employees to only those behaviors described. The employee remains free to resign his or her employment at any time for any or no reason without notice. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to terminate any employee for any reason or for no reason without notice.

6) The structure of reporting is as below:

PPBA reports to DFBA

DFBA reports to DBA

DBA reports to SBA

SBA reports to ZBA

Every associate under his ZBA will report directly or indirectly to ZBA. He is the process owner for his zone and it is his responsibility to make sure that his Zone and the associates in his zone function properly according to standards set. He will be responsible to set up his entire Zone with the required number of associates.

7) The earnings of Each associate depends solely on the number of Units the PPBA have produced and only that have been picked by our courier partner after checking the quality and standard of the products.